IMV partner benefits

IMV imaging are global leaders in developing, designing and manufacturing veterinary diagnostic imaging equipment. IMV imaging have over 35 years experience in the veterinary industry and have been at the forefront of driving improvements to animal care.

What makes IMV imaging unique is that our business is solely dedicated to supporting the veterinary market. The products we design are manufactured between two of our sites based in Scotland and France.

Ensuring the most robust, reliable and optimised products on the market, every scanner we design is created for a specific species, clinical application and the environment for which it is used in.  

We are a truly progressive and forward thinking company that puts innovation at the heart of everything we do. We continually support our people to think freely, allowing them to create the solutions for tomorrows problems. It is only when we invest in and adopt new technologies that we can make a real difference in animal care, both now and in to the future. 

Why IMV imaging?

  • Distribute products for global leaders in veterinary imaging
  • Continually developing our innovative and cutting edge product portfolio
  • Partner with a company that truly supports you with customer care, service engineers, technical, clinical and marketing support
  • Our team of in-house vets and Radiographer create free learning materials for our IMV imaging academy.

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