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Epica Vimago B veterinary CT scanner

The Vimago B is the new revised veterinary CT scanner from the Epica range that, can be configured specifically to the needs of your practice.

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The Vimago B is the new revised veterinary CT scanner from the Epica range, that can be configured specifically to the needs of your practice.


  • Smaller than any other CT scanner – fits in 3m x 3m room making it more viable for varying sizes of practices
  • Runs on 240V electricity, not 3-phase
  • 30 x higher definition than standard CT; performs soft tissue contrast to an exceptional standard
  • 60%-90% less radiation than standard CT
  • Cost effective; now more affordable than ever before and with minimal room set up costs


The Vimago B has the same CT capabilities that the Vimago L offers, without DR and Fluoroscopy, however this system can can be configured to the meet the needs of your practice.

This new revised version from Epica allows the pricing of CT more accessible than ever before making CT technology a smart and fully justifiable business investment for many practices.

You will be able to expand your imaging capabilities, improve patient care, improve your quality of imaging, enhance your safety, increase revenue and save money all at the same time with a device designed specifically for your needs.

Another benefit of the Vimago B CT scanner is its size and weight. It is much smaller than traditional CT scanners, meaning it is now an accessible technology for practices where it hasn’t been before. The Vimago B can fit into a room just 3m x 3m in size. It is much lighter than traditional CT scanners which removes the need for reinforced floors. It is also mobile meaning it can be moved from room to room around the practice.

The Vimago B has 30 times greater image quality than many other traditional CT scanners meaning you will experience 3D imaging quality from this newly developed, unique system. Resolution of the Vimago CT is as high as 0.09mm in each plane compared with up to 3.0mm with standard CT. Soft tissue contrast is to a very high standard.

The Vimago B emits a low level of radiation making its use safer than ever before. It typically omits 60-90% less radiation than conventional CT scanners.

BCF Technology install Epica Vimago L CT system:



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